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Journalism, Writing, Story Telling, Commentator - Google! That's right! Are you are really good writer, but nobody is reading what you have to say? Do you want to get "Credit" for being an outstanding "Journalist"? How about a chance to just get published?

If you're not getting published, it's probably because you need to learn how to be Google Friendly...

Nine Eye Interactive Media is a Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing company. Our job is to increase traffic to websites. Websites need traffic, no traffic = no website.

We create content to drive web searchers to our sites via unique and quality content. We generate both news and review related content to rank very high in Google.

Anybody can write content. But... Can you write content that Google, Bing, Ask and many other search engines want to publish in their search engines? Maybe you can. Maybe you just need a chance to prove it.

What you will be learning during this internship is how to optimize your content to create a search engine frenzy, how to attract spider bots to publish your content. You will learn exactly what search engines are looking for and how to deliver what search engines want through both SEO - search engine optimization and SEM - search engine marketing.
If you are a great writer, story teller, commentator and want a chance to get recognized, than this internship is for you.

Where? This internship is a virtual internship. You can do this internship from your favorite coach, Starbucks or coffee shop or where ever you prefer.

What's in it for YOU? You will receive full credit for everything you create. You will be able to show future employers what you did and how you generated search engine traffic that could and will catapult their company into the digital world.


You will be posting articles to various web sites. You must be able to post 2 to 5 articles per day. Each article will be at minimum of 351 words. You will be looking for hot topics to write about. You will be writing reviews on various topics.

You will be writing on various subjects to include but not limited to:
World News
Local News
Search Engines
Search Engine News
Legal News
Legal Reviews
Information Products
Information Product Reviews
Information Product Launches
Product Reviews
Lifestyle news
Lifestyle Reviews
Taboo Topics
And many other topics...


My biggest requirements are dedication. I am looking for interns that want to get credit for what they are good at and that's writing and editorial. You will receive personal coaching on how to create search engine quality content, we don't want to waste our time or yours.

You will be required to do research, become an expert on a topic and write about it.

You must have a computer, Mac or PC.

You must be available for one to two virtual meetings per week.

You will be learning and coached on webinars, you must be available to participate at least one to two times per week.

This internship "does not" require you to be in any one location. "But..." Again you must be availble for virtual meetings.

You can do this internship from your favorite coach, Starbucks or coffee shop or where ever you prefer.

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