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Urbanette Magazine is looking for a creative interns that will be with us for at least three months, but hopefully over a year. You will be researching the person you'll be interviewing and then thinking on your toes to come up with interesting interview questions on-the-fly.


You will be organizing interviews and interviewing several types of people:

1. Models, Photographers, Beauty Experts, Casting Directors, etc. These will be in-person and they will be interviewed on-camera (they will answer questions on camera, you will not be on camera or speaking).

2. Celebrities, famous entrepreneurs, authors, and other notable people (in person and online.)

3. People on the street, asking random questions, for a video blog section of the magazine.


Application Requirements
Tell us you top 5 favorite interview questions.
Tell us about your availability.
Send us a quick video of yourself talking about why you want this internship, and where you see yourself in 7 years.

How To Apply

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