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Exciting Health & Wellness Start-Up looking for Journalism interns! Prospective interns should be passionate about health, fitness, beauty, fashion, or managing chronic illness in a positive way. The desirable applicant is a smart, enthusiastic, independent writer who can produce high quality content frequently. This position is remote. If hired, you will get plenty of bylines and a ton of writing and reporting experience. This an exciting opportunity to work for a start-up and make a great impact!

Pulp Nature is an new online community and information sharing website that is dedicated to people living with autoimmune disease, and their friends and family. Our goal is to encourage people to live amazing, vivacious, and sexy lives while managing chronic illness. We found that there was an absence of support networks in helping people maintain great lifestyles while coping with an often confusing and daunting disease that generally onsets at a young age. Our approach is from a place of holistic health, community support and most of all having a good time! Pulp Nature is the only lifestyle website on the interwebs focused on people living with autoimmune diseases.


Duties include building articles, slideshows and blog posts in CMS, conducting research, prepping stories for syndication, compiling relevant news, writing original content for the site. There is ample opportunity to pitch stories at weekly meetings with the small staff.

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