Journalism Internship Available Now

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Posted: 614 days ago
Company Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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Working with ITNN is a great place for students to get experience! You do not have to have prior experience, as we will train you, and are glad to be able to give everyone a chance! If you are wondering if the world of reporting is right for you, then this might be the place to start!
Everything is 100% online. You will not be asked to come into our office, you will not be asked to go "into the field" to report. You will write your stories anywhere you have your computer, and will do all your research at your computer.
We will ask the following:
- Please report based on facts, and not your own personal opinion.
- Please report at-least one story a week. The more your post, the more credit you get
- Please be willing to look at all the sides of the story, and pull all the facts.
Working for us you will receive your own ITNNLive email address, and account to post your stories. We will show you how to post stories, and how to publish them.


You will be asked to to publish at least one new story a week, however we are wanting people to be able to give as many stories as possible.
You will be asked to publish your own stories on -Meaning that you will be writing your own stories, and publishing them right to the site, using your own login that ITNN will provide.


-Must be a good writer.
-Must know the basics of Microsoft Word (where most people write their stories before they copy/paste to site)
-Team Player
-16, or older is recommended.
-Daily computer access.

How To Apply

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