Journalism Internship

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Creativity At Last
Company Location: Elk River, MN
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Journalists seek out news and bring it to the public as quickly as possible. They aim to present stories in a clear, engaging style. Creativity At Last has many clients, each with their own stories and writing to be completed and released to the public.

Besides the pressures of working to deadline and getting stories out ahead of the competition, journalists must keep their stories balanced, fair and lawful.


A journalist must be comfortable:
attending press launches, courts, council meetings and other events
interviewing people by phone or in person
responding to tip-offs, calls and news releases
recording notes in shorthand or on tape and write stories up on computer

Must follow and adhere to deadlines, pitch story ideas to their editor, cultivate sources, fact check their articles and adhere to the company's style guide.


Journalists need to be:
excellent writers
good at relating to all kinds of people
cool under pressure
good at absorbing information quickly
interested in current affairs

It is important for an individual interested to have graduated from or a current a student at a 4-year university with a major in journalism or related field of study.

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