Journalism, Writing, and Political Analysis

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Company Location: San Francisco, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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BEHUM is looking for talented writers who can create original articles for our blog and/or content for our micro-blogs. The BEHUM blog is a place for individuals to learn about political issues and actions to take in support of their political views. The blog supports our broader mission of increasing individual participation in our democracy by reducing the systemic barriers that discourage engagement.

This is more of a guest blogger - content provider role that a strictly defined internship.

This is a highly flexible opportunity that can be crafted to your interests and schedule.

What you need to be considered? We want the blog to be from everyday people helping other everyday people increase their participation in our political discourse. Our blog is not intended to be experts giving opinions. But fellow citizens helping other fellow voters learn and act. BEHUM just wants to see that you are capable of writing compelling but easy to read articles about political issues. And, that you can present issues in a non-partisan or balanced manner. Please send us links to your blog or to any article you may have written.

What do you get in return? For contributing to our blog you get several benefits. Mostly, exposure! Plus, you’ll be helping to strengthen our democracy by encouraging others to participate. Beyond that, we’ll give you a by-line and link to your own website or blog.

Who are we looking to contribute? Anyone! The blog is by everyday people for everyday people. However, you should be a bit of a political junkie or at least passionate about following a specific political issue. Comfort doing research on issues and a love for writing will also make this more enjoyable for you. While under no obligation, we’d hope you’d make a 4-6 month commitment as it will take a while to build a following and influence individuals to act.


Provide content that informs and educates the audience about specific political issues. The goal is write articles that are quick and casual read but provide in depth understanding of issues. Successful contributors will get the reader to think, "I never thought of it that way" or "I didn't know that"

Maintaining an audience necessitates regular contribution. We recommend at least once a week, though the occasional gap should not be too detrimental.

The audience will respect and follow someone that is knowledgeable so we suggest ongoing research into the issues your write about.


Not so much requirements as drivers of success:
1) Political junkie
2) Comfort doing research on issues so your writing is credible, knowledgeable and informative is a requirement for success.
3)Obviously a love for writing will also make this more enjoyable for you.

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