Journalist/Blogger Intern

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W.O.W Radio
Company Location: Camp Springs, MD
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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W.O.W Radio is a community-based international internet radio entity dedicated to supporting the Independent Community 100%. It is our vision of a society in which values, culture, and enlightenment hold the reigns to a successful and empowering life for ALL. W.O.W Radio’s Slogan is “Indie Media for the Indie Spirit” highlighting our desire to use the power of indie media to influence the community. WOW Radio was established four years ago. Currently, our station plays a wide variety of music from independent artists including rock, inspirational, jazz, classical, rhythm and blues, and rap. W.O.W Radio also features a variety of live & syndicated shows. Our mission is to use indie media to provide community resources and support.


Responsible for coming up with unique content. Must develop story ideas and then write the material to put on company blog. Update blogs at least once per day; Always coming up with new ideas to put content on company blog that supporters & clients want to read. Challenged with the task of writing pieces that intrigue readers, making them want to keep coming back and reading his new posts each day. Blog categories include independent news (Indie Newz), fashion/beauty, family/children, music/entertainment, health/fitness, sports, politics/world&local news, business/networking, community and more!


- must have good writing & research skills
- dedicating to completing articles & following up on leads
- must have good organizational & communication skills
- excellent with keeping deadlines
- great knowledge of social media
- good at multi-tasking & working at fast paces

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