Automotive Staff Writer Internship

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GM Authority
Company Location: Parkland, FL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 20 Part-time, Paid

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If you've ever wanted to break into the appealing, fascinating, and otherwise lively field of automotive media, this is your internship to fill.

GM Authority is a world-leading content and news provider for General Motors and the auto industry at large. Some things that you may not have known about us:

- Founded in 2009 (as GM was going through bankruptcy) to provide unparalleled coverage of General Motors’ global activities and a community for GM fans
- We currently trend over 650,000 monthly page views, with a 100% year-over-year growth in visitor traffic. That means 650,000-plus people will read your words every month, and even more down the road.
- We've been cited by publications as AutoBlog, Automobile, MotorTrend, and Wikipedia, among others
- We attend highly exclusive media drives, press events, and auto shows to provide exceptional coverage of General Motors Company, its vehicles and services, while enjoying what we do on a daily basis

We consistently strive to improve what we do while growing in a healthy and organic fashion.

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Write articles on General Motor's News, Rumors, Information, Trends, and Products. Internships are paid after first month starting at $5/article and grow to $10/article. Intern has potential to achieve Junior Editor position and eventually permanent employment for AutoAuthority LLC. Please see for more information.


Internships often serve as the beginning to long, successful, and rewarding careers — and it’s how many GM Authority staff writers began their full- or part-time positions. Some adjectives that could be used to describe GM Authority interns include:
Peak grammar skills
Reliable daily output
Timely in preparing their articles
Passionate about cars
Passionate about writing.

You don’t have to be a perfect writer (who is?) to intern here. But it’s vital that you have the basic skills (like grammar and timeliness) under control.

How To Apply

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