Looking for Social Blogger and Adobe Photoshop picture editor

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Everything and The Baby LLC. would love to help you develop your skill set, tap into your creative side and discover your passion for business.


A self motivated individual
The ability to work in a quick, turn-around timeframe
Good attention to detail and accuracy
Eye for editing pictures


Note: This is a Non-Paid internship

For those who posses such extraordinary talents, apply

• Social Media Guru, This individual live and breathe ‘Social Media” and knows how to attract and audience. Various online research projects such as signing up with Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, blogging and any other emerging social media networks are a must! You must be able to multi-task and pay great attention to detail.
• Someone who know how to bring photos to life! This person must have strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other photo editing software.

With so much competition in the website world, are you the person that has the ambition to set your innovative ideas apart from the rest of the world?

If this is you let’s begin your awesome journey of growth! This is your chance to shine!

How To Apply

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