Online Journalism - Tech, TV, Movie, Travel & Shopping Bloggers Needed

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News For Shoppers
Company Location: Saint Augustine, FL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Paid

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News For Shoppers is seeking journalism students with the ability to write 2 to 5 short (200 to 300 word) blog articles per week.


Applicants should:

- Be able to write in a clear, concise, entertaining manner with proper grammar

- Be web savvy and curious, able to do their own research and investigate stories from all sides

- Understand the basics of news journalism

- Be interested in and have extensive knowledge about one or more of our topic areas: tech, electronics, travel, entertainment, music, health, home, auto and more.

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Bloggers needed for the following categories - - in depth knowledge of one or more of these topics is required.

- Tech Shopping - smartphones, computers, tablets, electronics

- Entertainment - TV, Music & TV

- Home/Family Shopping - shopping for kids, pet supplies, car shopping and more

- Stores - Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Apple, Microsoft

------- News For Shoppers offers writers: ---------

- A generous revenue sharing program using Google AdSense (writers must have or qualify for an AdSense account to earn revenue)

- Your own byline

- A bio section on each article

- Your own journalist's page with an index of your stories

- Support for Google Authorship (for building your reputation as an online journalist)

- Access to your traffic stats, writers only forum

- Excellent training and experience on a site that is an approved Google News and Bing News source

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How To Apply

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