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PowerHouse Growers
Posted: 679 days ago
Company Location: Seattle, WA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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Who We are:
PowerHouse Growers is a multimedia platform connecting individuals and businesses who are looking for, or interested in finding tools and resources to sustainably incorporate urban agriculture into their cities, businesses, and homes. PowerHouse Growers is the place where individuals, experts, businesses, and government speak the same language of urban agriculture, design, and development.

What We Do:
At PowerHouse Growers we show you how to incorporate urban agriculture and biophilia into your cities and homes for healthy and sustainable construction and design. Sharing the latest in technology, innovative design, and case studies, PowerHouse Growers provides solutions for integrating urban agriculture into urban design ensuring prosperous futures in high-density environments.

What We Believe:
At PowerHouse Growers we believe that it is not about what’s trending – it’s about what’s sustainable. Small changes lead to big impact resulting in happier and healthier people. Urban agriculture creates sustainability that everyone in our cities will enjoy today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

The Position - Contributor:
As a contributor you will use your knowledge and expertise combined with your strong communications and writing skills to produce articles that delve into the important topics of urban agriculture/urban gardening, sustainable design, healthy cities, and urban planning. By emphasizing the key economic, environmental, and social & health benefits of integrating nature into design you show our audience why this practice will improve their lives at home and at work, as well as how it will positively impact their communities. Solution-oriented content helps our readers take the information presented and act on it immediately.

Contributors are encouraged to use their creative freedom to deliver passionate, enthusiastic, and compelling "killer" content from their own ideas and beliefs in the topic.


Contributors should be able to commit to weekly or bi-weekly article submissions of between 300 - 2,000 words each, depending on the nature of the topic. Topics will not be pre-assigned but approval may be necessary.

Contributors participating in this internship for school credits or other designation are required to maintain an active Twitter account. The purpose is to build up the contributor's following and positioning as an expert in the particular content area. An active social media presence will add further value to the internship experience which includes enhanced networking opportunities across various industries.

As a contributor you will be assigned your own contributor's account which will give you access to our WordPress platform through which you can submit content directly to the Editor, and update your own personal contact and bio information.

PowerHouse Growers may constructively refuse submissions if the topic is not beneficial to the overall mission of the company. In this case, clear and positive guidance will be given to encourage the intern to continue producing killer content! We want to ensure that everyone we work with will be successful and productive.


We are seeking multiple contributors to write on the following topics:

-Urban Agriculture (Urban farming, hydroponics, indoor gardening, vertical farms, rainwater harvesting)
-Green Buildings and Architecture
-Sustainable Urban Planning
-Natural Design (Biophilia, Biomimicry etc.)
-Healthy Cities
-Building Integrated Vegetation (BIV) / Agritecture

Students studying Urban Planning, Sustainability, Environment, or Agriculture will find this opportunity is great way to apply their education both by having their work published, as well as through the industry contacts to be gained as they pursue their careers. Passion and enthusiasm for sustainability, urban planning, and food production are a must!

Contributors are required to submit 1-2 samples of previous articles written as part of the application process. Please also submit your personal or professional bio of approximately 100 words and the name under which you would like to be published. You may also wish to indicate which of the above topics you will be most interested in writing on.

Previous experience with WordPress is an asset but not a requirement.

How To Apply

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