Social Media Consultant

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Social Media Consultant
Will report to CEO
The following are some of the basic responsibilities, starting from a strategic standpoint towards one that is more actionable:
- Social Media Marketing: optimize, maintain, monitor and lead the platforms and any marketing strategies carried out in them: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Pinterest, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Google+, Flickr, etc.
- Content creation and management: content marketing.
- Interaction with users: community engagement.
- Social commerce: leads, calls to action and conversions in social media.
- Monitoring: online media, information sources and social channels.
- Fan building.
- Contests and campaigns: creative input, development, starting up and monitoring.
- Qualitative aspects: Sentiment reports, strengths, scope, vitality, passion and effects for the brand online.
- SEO: website, blog and social platform (social search) optimization, aimed at improving search results.
- Keyword optimization and improvement in new SEO/SEM opportunities
- Email marketing: development, creative input, running, results and campaigns.
- Coordination and management of press and communication tasks: contents, interviews, website news, exclusive acts, etc.
- Video-marketing: optimisation, search, keywords, sponsored videos, marketing.
- Reports: online sales, online positioning, online reputation, online results.
- Community: leading online communities, brand representation in different forums and communities.
- Online branding: searching, identifying and improving all brand-related aspects in social media.
- Adviser: playing a brand consulting/advising role with regard to the online environment: opportunities, threats, new initiatives, development of digital identity and online presence, identification of potential business and new digital transactions.


Must have a passion for social media and learning about a magazine company.

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