Social Media Marketing(SMM); Blogging and Public Relations(BAPR); SEO and Video Marketing(SEOVM)

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These unpaid internships will allow the candidates to learn and implement marketing and communication strategies we are using to grow our business, including but not limited to Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization and Video Marketing. This invaluable insight will help interns gain a good beginning business sense for future job opportunities. We are a startup company - A private practice providing counseling and life coaching services. We’re focused on helping clients improve interpersonal relationships with spouses, children and significant others. Interns will also gain exposure to the counseling and life coaching fields and learn some of the interpersonal strategies taught for engaging in successful marital and parent-child relationships, as well as inter-personal relationships in general.

We are also a small company so we’re not set in our ways and we have far more flexibility to allow you to get your hands on a variety of tasks and to give you experiences you may desire.
You will be working directly with the founder and CEO and will be able to directly put into practice knowledge you have gained in the classroom and during required internship instruction. This will help you build a compelling resume that encompasses hands on experience you will need for entry level positions in your field. This is a virtual internship and can be completed from wherever you are. If you are looking for an internship with a large company in an office setting, this internship is NOT for you.

You will also receive a strong reference letter based on the dedication, maturity and reliability shown with the tasks assigned and also the experience you gained as a result of working with us. We are also happy to provide a strong and compelling verbal reference to prospective employers by telephone as well.

Ideal candidates will be involved in the execution of marketing campaigns in a micro-enterprise business. You will have the opportunity to help us develop and tweak processes to help make our marketing effective. While it is helpful, No prior marketing experience required and candidate does not need to be a marketing major. You will be given instruction and guidance through our required online video trainings. Without a doubt, the breadth and depth of experience will be an incredibly valuable experience for future employment.


General JOB DESCRIPTION (more specifics provided during interview)
Ideal candidate will be involved with ONE of the following positions:

The SMM Intern’s Major Responsibilities Include (but are not limited to):
Build / manage Facebook fan page
Build / monitor LinkedIn page, discussions, etc
Manage Twitter profile and get more followers
Link and network all sites
Write policies and procedures surrounding the processes connected with SMM responsibilities

The BAPR Intern’s Major Responsibilities Include (but are not limited to):
Build and manage blogs
Create content and posts
Write press releases
Media monitoring towards building media presence
Write policies and procedures surrounding the processes connected with BAPR responsibilities

The SEOVM Intern’s Major Responsibilities Include (but are not limited to):
Creating and distributing website content
Create and distribute videos
Create more traffic to the website
Manage website towards raising ranking
Google analytics
Link and network all sites
Write policies and procedures surrounding the processes connected with SEOVM responsibilities


The following are the must-haves for these positions:

• At least 2 references from either former employers or college professors
• Juniors or seniors preferred
• Experience with some type of business or office work
• Excellent and very strong written communication
• Social media awareness and experience (strong familiarity with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
• Strong attention to detail
• Highly responsive to requests and tasks assigned
• Consistently reliable and shows strong initiative and good judgment with responsibilities.
• Has a track record of being timely, responsible and mature in the execution of tasks and your references can attest to that.

Nice to have (but not a requirement): Lives in the local Atlanta area. Most work can be done remotely. Depending on your location, interns will be required to come into the office at times and/or participate in required weekly virtual staffings.

How To Apply

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