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The Chat Sports Premium Blogger Program was created as a platform for bloggers or aspiring journalism students to become the "voice of the fan" for their team. We are looking for smart, passionate writers and students who aspire to showcase their journalistic talents to a larger audience.
As a writer on, you will have a number of opportunities and responsibilities:

1. Compelling, original content
We are looking for writers that can write about more than game analysis. Our writers cover topics such as recruiting, draft coverage, player profiles, rumors, upcoming matchups, breaking news, state of the team and "Way Back When" -- a look at glory days from past seasons.

2. Media Credentials
You will be given the opportunity to attend games of your team as a member of the press. (free food too!)

3. Monitor and utilize social media
You will be in charge of spreading the gospel of Chat Sports on the Facebook fan page and Twitter account you are given for your team. Web traffic is the name of the game---and social media powers web traffic.

4. Monitor site content
In addition to your articles, Chat Sports features the best of the best content on your team from around the web. Blogs, local news, national sources and Twitter are some of the top resources we utilize to deliver a comprehensive news site. As a writer, you will be tasked with monitoring the quality of the featured content. Also, keep your eye on Twitter to ensure the Twitter accounts of athletes on your team are being featured.

5. Spearhead investigative assignments as requested by the Chat Sports staff
From time to time, we may ask that you report on a specific topic that relates to your team.

6. Product Influence
This is your product. If we can improve a feature or user process, let us know!

7. No hassles, just writing
We take care of the design and programming. No fussing with coding or color schemes for our writers.

Are you a college student majoring in journalism? We offer academic credit (with school's approval) for students who are interested in building their resume.

All interested candidates should send an email to our blogging recruiter Jeff and tell him about yourself, your educational and career goals and your passion for the team of your choice!


Must have sports writing experience, and writing samples available upon request.

How To Apply

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