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GSM Unlocking is a small company based on the Wirral in England! We are based on-line and offer a service for people who are looking to save on roaming charges by unlocking there phone remotely to enable them to use a travel Sim and cut costs of roaming! We Also offer mobile comparison in the UK for all the top mobile phone company's

Sim deals , Contract deal, Pay & Go deals

We also work directly with large travel sim companies such as:

http://www.ekit.com/ekit/home/ (part of STA travel network)



Each month you will be required to

Write 5 - 10 articles 300-500 words on how to unlock mobiles

Each week you will be required to:

Write 200 - 300 word blogs on How to unlock certain mobiles and why every other day. We need constant attention to this each week.


GSM Unlocking is currently seeking a high quality blogger who has an understanding and passion of smart phones (not essential) and will be able to write 5-10 small blogs each week with exceptional English writing skills preferably with an education in English and an good understanding of seo (search engine optimization) not essential You will also be required to write new fresh content for all the pages once a month!

We are currently looking for an excellent English writer to write 5 - 10 articles on how to unlock certain mobiles monthly and why you should unlock a mobile. We also need fresh written content writing 200 - 300 words for our blog system every other day on how to unlock mobiles. You will be working with our seo team http://www.total-seo.co.uk/ and you will pick up some excellent skills on how to write an seo optimized articles and learn abit about seo which will be excellent for employment opportunities in the future.

This job is based online so you work from home. You will need skype and an email address and that is it. This is a paid job but as you are training we will be paying you $50 a month for your work plus a bonus if you write us descent articles and sales pick up. This job has the potential for you to become full time and full time pay.

Send me an email sales@unlockscodes.com

Or message me on www.internships.com

Kind regards


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