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Wide Open Spaces is the premier online destination for all things hunting, fishing, shooting and outdoors, providing content, commerce and community to an audience of sportsmen and women who share a passion for the great outdoors. We're based in Austin, Texas, but our writers can, and do, work from anywhere.

We are looking for smart, passionate and hungry outdoor sports writers to contribute great content to our highly engaged and enthusiastic outdoor sports audience, all while making it fun, entertaining and informative. If you've ever wanted to make a little extra cash through your experience in the outdoors, here's your chance!

As a WOS contributor you'll pick what you write about, how you'll write about it, and when you write about it. You're self-employed, but we're here along the way to help provide you with the tools, tips, training and tricks which will help you grab as much of an audience as possible, and make some money in the process.


Wide Open Spaces writers are expected to contribute 3-5 articles per week to our website. In return, these writers are paid based on a unique revenue sharing model driven by how successful they are at bringing new readers to the site each month, and encouraging those visitors to return over time. It's an entrepreneurial environment where we encourage our writers to think about their positions with us as a small business within a business, and do all they can accordingly to grow.


What We're Looking For:

- Someone who knows the outdoor sports world and is passionate about their role in it.
- Someone who can truly write. We're not expecting you to be the next Shakespeare, but an ability to communicate concisely, clearly, and with minimal punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors is an absolute must.
- A desire to build a personal brand and audience, and a willingness to do the legwork which comes along with that pursuit.
- A strong understanding of what makes for good Web content and an understanding of how to create it with consistency.


- Knowledge of / experience with Wordpress, web writing, Google Analytics and basic SEO standards
- Previous published online writing
- Unique experiences or a unique voice that will be attractive to our established and new audience

How To Apply

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