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Description is a female-run website that features news about video games, gaming media, industry, culture, and socialization in gaming. There is a statistic that 49% (and rising) of gamers are women. Our main objective is to bridge the gap between that 49% and the rest of the gaming community.

Although the theme of emphasizes the presence of female voices in gaming, we do offer ALL positions to male candidates.


1) At SheAttack we strive to be as professional as possible. This means no gamertags on your author profile. If you choose to write for the site, it is required that you use your first name and last initial (full last names are required for regular staff that desire to represent the website at media events). New staff will begin as contributors and work their way up based on performance. Contributors are still expected to use first and last initials (or full last names to represent the website and events). Regular staff are also expected to provide a photo of themselves and a short bio for their author profiles.

2) We do have a publishing schedule that writers are expected to adhere to. Each writer is expected to write one article per week - one opinion piece or one news piece. Because a lot of what drives a small website is original content, your articles cannot be all news pieces. Writers also have "targets". Targets are a set of topics that the writer is knowledgeable about and expected to stay abreast on for their content. Example: If Nia is a Nintendo fan that loves The Legend of Zelda, her targets may be Nintendo news>The Legend of Zelda>action/adventure games. Her job would be to keep up with these topics and make updates related to these topics.

3) We aspire to work together in the spirit of sisterhood, brotherhood, and professionalism. Gaming, as it pertains to diversity, requires that we are professional while still speaking our thoughts in our work as sometimes we're heavily scrutinized simply based on demographics. Make sure that your content is always an adequate representation of the website, diverse gamers, and yourself.

4) Although SheAttack is run by women, we are not affiliated with any political groups or organizations. With that being said, you are more than welcome to discuss gender, sexuality, and social topics as it pertains to gaming.


No official experience or resume is required. Every applicant will be asked to give samples of their literary skills to determine whether or not they may be good candidates for a writing position. We are looking for people who are willing to grow with and help expand a small website.

1) Be professional.
2) Be reliable.
3) Have an intermediate level of knowledge on video games and video game/nerd culture.
4) Be flexible.
5) Be consistent.

1) Please include your name and a list of any consoles/platforms you own (including mobile devices).
2) Please list your favorite types of games/genres.
3) Please list your skills, any experience you have in gaming journalism/community, and why you'd like to write for
4) Please provide a sample of your work. Your submission should be a 300-500 word article regarding any gaming-related topics or news of your choice. Editor candidates will be given a trial article to proof and edit.

Please email to submit the above and for further inquiries or information.

Although this position is unpaid, there are many benefits and perks to joining our organization. We often receive free games for preview or review and are eligible to attend most gaming/nerd culture conventions and events such as Comic Con, PAX, CES, E3, and more.

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