Victims of Immigration Fraud - VOIF

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Our goals are simple, yet challenging. We want to give guidance to those that have been victimized by deceptive foreign spouses, a broken immigration system, and an unfair judicial system. We also hope to prevent other American men and women from having to experience these injustices. We want the USCIS and ICE to enforce immigration marriage fraud violations uniformly across the board, and not just when it is convenient or when they can garner splashy news headlines. We want the USCIS and ICE to investigate claims of fraud by individuals, not ignore the evidence and grant residency to the immigrant because it is too expensive and time consuming to conduct the investigation. We want the USCIS and ICE to to consider evidence presented by a citizen spouse when a claim of abuse is made by an immigrant spouse, so that false claims of abuse cannot be used as an advantage to gain residency. We seek to redress the injustices that have been produced by unfair application of VAWA laws and the unfairness of the judicial system. To that end, we are actively lobbying members of the House and Senate to make changes to VAWA and the immigration system which will prevent foreign spouses from being rewarded with a green card when a false claim of abuse is made.


Duties Include:
Work on internal business cases and problems
Assist with court filings, document preparation, and case management
Law research, client meetings, and general case management
Will engage in fields such as Government Affairs and Immigration Law
Research and Memo writing
Working with a client rather than in a firm
Ability to take your own initiative
Dealing with internal business affairs
Work with other interns in a collaborative group


Public transportation not available near the office. Interns must own a driver's license and commute to the office by car.

Ideal for any person interested in journalism or law; whether it is for private practice, or non-profit
Must have interest and/or knowledge of law
Need organization skills and particular attention to detail
Detail oriented and organized with a positive attitude
Strong interpersonal skills and excellent writing skills
Experience with research using computers and databases

Length Requirement:
The position is open for as long as the student would like, but with a minimum length of 12 weeks, 21 to 28 hours/week.

This position is open to students enrolled at any college/university or graduate, looking for real world experience. The students interests must lie in the field of law.

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