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Criminology and Psychology student searching for a legal, governmental, or social sciences-related internship, bring a background in research, law, and psychology to assist an organization and gain experience in the field.


More Detail info on Career

In the music industry, entertainment lawyers may be on retainer for companies, like record labels, agencies and publishing companies, or they may work for individuals - musicians, managers, and so on. Although some entertainment lawyers work exclusively with, say, a particular major label, the vast majority of lawyers have clients that run gamut from individuals to music related businesses.

Entertainment Law versus Criminal Law: Sometimes, musicians face criminal legal problems in the course of their career. If a musician has an entertainment lawyer on retainer, the lawyer may be able to help with simple cases. However, entertainment lawyers will often recommend a criminal attorney and simply stay involved on the periphery.


Music Industry Specialization:

Entertainment lawyers that specialize in music handle a wide range of legal issues, depending on their clients' needs. Some of the jobs they may do include:

Draft/negotiate record label contracts
Draft/negotiate contracts for live performances
Draft/negotiate contracts for managers, agents, promoters, studios and session musicians
Draft/negotiate distribution contracts
Draft/negotiate music publishing contracts
Protect copyright/intellectual property rights - file lawsuits when needed
Draft/negotiate contracts for music placement

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. The work the legal intern will do is led by Rebirth4Love Management.


During school, entertainment lawyers specialize in entertainment law and usually specialize further in a sub-field in entertainment law, like music.

After law school, entertainment lawyers may start their own practice or they may join a law firm to practice there.

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