Family Law Intern to write petitions, letter briefs, research case law

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Are you passionate about helping children have equal access to both parents?

Are you upset at how the legal system is used to drive a wedge between one parent and their children?

Help us help those who are hurt by the family court system. Help us bring equality to family law.

With this position you'll work with parents, lawyers and other experts. You'll help bring parents and children together.

You'll get a mentor who will help you with all these steps.
You'll get to speak with parents about what happened.
You'll get to research case law to help their case.
You'll get to write petitions and letter briefs.

Together we'll unite families!


We're a nonprofit on a shoe string budget ...


This is a virtual position. You'll get familiar with NJ and PA family case law. However, each state has roughly the same laws so the experience from this will be transferable to your state.

How To Apply

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