Law Clerk/Paralegal

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Fulgione Law Office PC
11 Dartmouth Street, Suite 104
Malden, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Over loaded sole practitioner, whose long time right hand assistant is on extended medical leave, is looking for motivated, self starting law students or paralegal studies students who want practical hands on experience working in legal fields of Personal Injury, Criminal Defense and Domestic Relations). Applicants can choose to learn and work in one area of particular interest or all three (Injury, Criminal or Domestic) or to learn and work in general office management. Fulgione Law is not your average law office; we don't attract clients because we wear suits and ties and use impressive legal jargon - that is for the Court Room. In the office, casual dress is not only acceptable, it is preferred. We treat and speak to out clients as we would normally speak and act. As a lawyer, your most important duty is to explain the legal issues facing a client so that they not only understand what is happening, but they can make informed decisions about their case. Fulgione Law does not want clients to agree with our advice because we intimidate them with fancy suits and five dollar words, but because they can relate to us, speak with us normally and trust our advice.


Whether you are studying to become a lawyer or a paralegal, you will be part of handling everything from the initial client intake through the various stages of the case through conclusion. This includes legal research, propounding and responding to pleadings, motions and discovery as well as helping out with all of the general work that needs to be done, from taking phone messages, scheduling future events, filing, copying and attending Court so you can familiarize yourself with the difference between the paperwork produced during a case and what affect, if any, that has on what really occurs in the Court Room, particularly at trial or a substantive hearing. Fulgione Law realizes that as an intern you will be making a commitment of your time. Fulgione Law is committed to making sure you gain practical knowledge and experience that will assist you once you complete your studies.


There are only two requirements for Fulgione Law: 1. If your going to start a job, see it through into you finish and 2. Don't take on work unless you are going to give it your best effort. An ability to use a computer and answer a phone are helpful but those aren't the skills you'll need in the real world of practicing law. An ability to learn and adapt are two traits that will assist you in obtaining the most during your internship with us.

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