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We are a next generation legal services company that is at the vanguard of the legal profession. Rather than focus on outdated modes of reaching and obtaining clients, we are moving forward and integrating legal services with life services. We are looking for legal interns who are skilled at research, writing, and thinking less like a lawyer and more like a human being. [Did we mention that a sense of humor is important?].


Our ideal interns will be able to:

- Create documents that are user friendly and easy to understand
- Create legal documents that are in plain English
- Craft accompanying questions for clients that are clear and simple to answer
- Create life issue documents that are relevant to legal fields – i.e. explanatory documents for what a Health Care Proxy is, and how it can be incorporated into an estate plan
- Craft, review, and edit documents so that they are ready to go with a minimum of after-production editing
- Work 15-20 hours per week on site in Southfield, MI

This job will give you hands on experience in creating legal documents with the added benefit of being able to explain what you know to the average person. You can learn about different areas of law in a hands-on manner with experienced attorneys helping you as you go. Plus, there are sometimes free donuts. It’s WIN/WIN!


Ideal Candidate:
- 2nd or 3rd year law student
- Interested in creating documents from the ground up
- Excellent writing skills – undergrad in English / Literature / Communications is preferred
- Good sense of humor
- Think clearly and communicate effectively in writing
- Ability to both explain and follow directions
- Pay rate is $12/hour

Applicants should send the following information to

- Cover Letter
- Resume
- Writing Sample
- Transcript
- References

How To Apply

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