Students can find many compelling reasons to look for internships or jobs in Los Angeles. The City of Angels offers memorable scenery, fantastic beaches and sunny weather. Its warm, relatively dry climate allows residents to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. This weather also makes it easy to purchase fresh corn and fruit from nearby sources. Prominent landmarks include an impressive city hall, Dodger Stadium and the venerable Avila Adobe. In addition to Mexican and Asian immigrants, the motion picture industry heavily influences the local culture.

Like many West Coast cities, Los Angeles has comparatively high living expenses. Rent, fuel and prepared meals often cost more than average. Nonetheless, it's possible for patient individuals to find affordable small apartments. They can also save money by shopping at the area's numerous dollar stores. Although California's largest city retains a reputation for mediocre public transit, it has taken multiple steps to improve bus and rail systems in recent years.

This region's strong job market also compensates for the relatively high cost of living. Internships provide experience that can help people enter desirable, well-paying occupations. They include executive assistant, entertainment and data entry jobs. Students in Los Angeles have the opportunity to gain employment at several major media companies. While they learn and work, interns can set aside time to stroll Venice Beach's famed boardwalk or see the iconic Hollywood sign.

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