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Everyone knows that fortune favors the bold. We have realized that the "BOLD" are you recent college graduates. In today's age, Fortune 100 companies want to work with people that can bring fire, energy and excitement to the business world. They know that these characteristics are hard to find so they have reached out to us to help in their quest to find the BOLD.

Here at First Class Consulting, we are currently hiring entry level individuals with a customer service & sales background for the Account Manager position. We have found that candidates working in retail, restaurant, hospitality, or customer service positions are very easy to train for our Account Manager position. We specialize in areas of customer renewal, customer retention and customer acquisition.

Our sales and marketing firm is the leader in the marketing industry and in tailoring customer service & sales to their needs. Our client wants us to deliver a face to face customer service experience. We do this by taking care of the existing customer base and providing personal care with new customers. Once the Account manager position is mastered, get ready for rapid growth opportunities within our company!

Think your goals align with ours?
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