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Project Lever
31 St James Avenue
Boston, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 6 Part-time, Paid

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Are you passionate about expanding research opportunities to students across the country? Do you think every student should have a chance to engage in creative projects in school? Do you believe in leadership projects?

Project Lever stands for student research and creativity. We help students connect with advisors and other resources that enable research, creative, or independent projects of their dreams. We connect students to faculty advisors; suggest the best classes, grants, and previous student projects; profile star researchers and faculty advisors in our Lever Magazine. We work with top research universities like Harvard, MIT, Columbia, among others.


As a Lever Leader, you will be responsible for securing the support of key university officials, faculty members, and student leaders of top research organizations on your campus; identify smart marketing technologies, and ultimately driving growth. You’ll work closely with Project Lever team to make things happen on your campus. Your goal will be to get university buy-in, get students excited about the platform, and manage Lever operations and brand on your campus.


We are looking for top nation's mind in research. If you've been dreaming of aerospace engineering the day after you were born, ping us. If you were the leader of your college's research exhibition, you're what we are looking for. Not in science research? Even better. If you traveled to Europe to do research on Italian paintings in the Middle Age and learned a ton, help us spread the word about the research in humanities. Linguistics, Music, Aerospace, Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Chinese language - we'll take them all, as long as you are truly passionate about the research that you do.

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