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"16 Things Kid's Can Do” is a not-for-profit educational organization that works to empower Kids, People & The Planet to resolve areas of conflict on a wide variety of important issues that threaten the health of our country and the well-being of the world.

“16 Things” is designed to provide an on-going network of books, programs, events and activities that educate and empower people to be proactive throughout their lives on a host of fundamental issues on subjects like finance, business, health, nutrition, volunteering, the environment and life skills. And when kids and people are empowered, they can help change family and dynamics as well.

One of the main goals of the organization is to get kids and people to internalize the best way to handle problem issues in their lives, and then be proactive about working to change; not only themselves, but their family, friends and associates in positive meaningful ways.

We are seeking highly motivated people that are interested in making a difference.
1. Help Petition the President to Proclaim August "National Kids Month"
2. Help Establish & Promote Community Outreach Workshops across the country in conjunction with Schools, Churches, Temples, Agencies, NPOs, and Businesses
3. Promote 16 Things Books
4. 16Things Public Access TV Shows
5. Arrange Interviews on TV, Radio and with Print Media
6. Write & Post Social Media

In addition to giving you real world skills in your area(s) of interest, we also add in training in the following subjects because these are the skills you need to be success professionally and personally :
1. Communication
2. Business
3. Marketing
4. Management
5. Office Technology
6. Research
7. Problem Solving
8. Time Management



We are seeking highly motivated energetic people that are interested in making a difference. This position can potentially become permanent based on performance. Part-time and full-time internships are available with all training provided. The specific goals toward which the intern’s efforts are directed are as follows:

1. Interns will learn firsthand about the steps involved in the creation of a multi-faceted Marketing/Business/Communication program including objectives, framework, materials, implementation and management.
2. Interns will learn firsthand how to plan, coordinate, and manage specific special events, meetings, presentations, and business transactions.
3. Interns will learn firsthand how to hone their business and communication skills in a wide variety of contexts.

Interns Activities at the company will aid in achieving goals/objectives, which include the following:
1. Understanding Marketing/Business/Communication plans, research, development of marketing and program materials for print, web, phone and live presentations.
2. Understanding of meetings/special events/ programs as to how they relate to fulfilling organizational objectives such as planning, researching, budgeting, contracting, coordinating, marketing, and managing.
3. Understanding of the business objectives of the organization, and the importance of effective communication. Interns will create and follow communication scripts, emails, and documents to ensure that they understand and effectively communicate their objectives.


1. Desire
2. Determination
3. Coachability
4. Professionalism
5. Willingness to learn
6. Willingness to grow

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