Music Industry Business Management (Entry Level)

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Entertainment Business Manager Intern will assist and work alongside with the overseer, Rebirth4Love (Radio Producer, Entertainment-Personal Manager, Spiritual Empowerment Coach)


Entertainment managers need to be well versed in the art field or fields that they choose to represent in addition to having a significant background in business and marketing.

It is important to study advertising, marketing, market research, making deals, acquiring rights, branding, psychology, public relations, accounting, economics, finance, business administration, statistics, business law and contracts.


An aspiring entertainment business manager must be adept at social networking. Building and maintaining contact bases for Rebirth4Love Management are a large part of the job as well as assuring that the contacts keep the Rebirth4Love top-of-mind.

Much of a manager’s day is spent on the phone arranging appearances and seeking engagements for “The Network” (independent music artists, speakers, play-Script-writers, actors, voice-overs, comedians, spoken word artist, video producers).

The Business Manager will also assist with marketing, sales and contracts of New Websites, Video Productions and Audio Production.

Communication and reasoning skills need to be above-average for this opportunity. The manager must be able to assess all Artists on the Ark… talents to physical conditions in order to book engagements that will showcase rather than over-tax.

The manager should also be able to discern which types of formats will highlight the Arks particular talents and keep the Ark from over-reaching. The business manager should be willing to offer support and encouragement while maintaining our ministry, but pleasant demeanor in the course of dealing with (The Ark) who may have fragile egos or be slightly temperamental. Personal resiliency is an asset for entertainment business managers.

Managers should be able to properly advise Rebirth4Love Management on financial issues as well. Whether they handle the Arks finances personally or recommend accountants, they must keep the Arks best interests in mind. Along with personal financial advice, the business manager must balance performance costs against the client’s income. For example, the manager must be able to estimate whether payments for crew and equipment related to a performance will run higher than the payments received. This can be especially difficult at times when house receipts or net percentages are part of the contractual agreement.

Please Provide the following:

3 References
Job History for the past 2 to 3 years

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