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Teixeira Development Group, S.A.
22 West Washington FL 15
Chicago, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Unpaid

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Teixeira Development Group intends to be instrumental to Angola’s rapid rise from an emerging market to a global economic cornerstone, by providing first class service to an ever–increasing consumer population.

Teixeira Development Group will deliver a world–class experience from restaurant to theater, and theater to alternative entertainment space. Located in the Comandante Gika Empreendimento in downtown Luanda, TDG, S.A Cinemas will be conveniently within reach of the lion’s share of its target market. By partnering with leading film studios and distributors, TDG, S.A Cinemas will provide a greater film selection than any multiplex in Luanda, establishing itself as the preferred venue for premier films and entertainment. As a franchisee of a globally recognized restaurant brand, Teixeira Development Group will round out the American entertainment experience by bringing classic American fare, merchandise, and poignant pop–culture memorabilia to Luanda.
Company Summary
Teixeira Development Group grew from a partnership of five business leaders—four Angolan and one American—who together bring more than 50 years of combined experience from finance, human resource, accounting, and legal industries. Teixeira Development Group and its principals have done a number of independent projects including real estate development in Angola and USA, as well as retail business developments in Luanda.

Empreendimentos Comandante Gika will be the first shopping center of its kind in downtown Luanda, and a part of the largest Real Estate development on continental Africa. It will host a five-star hotel, two office towers, and two residential towers. The Shopping Center will host over 220 stores, a supermarket, an 8 screen all digital cinema, and a globally recognized Big Box restaurant franchise.

TDG will contribute both the Cinema and the Restaurant to the Mall, as well as 6 retail establishments.

TDG Cinemas at Gika-Nze Cinemas
This theater will be the first of its kind, all digital multiplex in Angola. Hosting 8 auditoriums, including a VIP Lounge-Bar and private luxury auditorium, concessions and gaming-with gaming capable auditoriums.


- Organize and collect progress reports
- Monitor project calendar, ensuring project is on schedule and in budget


- Understand cost-reduction principles and how to implement goals
- Possess skills at assessing issues, defining solutions, and implementing strategy
- Perform well in environment that values leadership, efficiency, dependability, and organization

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