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We are seeking three (3) individual to represent SRGMF as a Management Intern. The Intern will work alongside the Business Director, Public Relations Director and Market Researcher for the successful management of our clients’ brand strategies, performing a myriad of duties that include booking, signing, scouting marketing and promoting clients. drafting branding schedules, as well as managing the generation of creative collateral and determining the brand identity for clients through the conceptualization process with team members.

This internship is designed to acclimate the Manager into the field of Brand/Artist management and into the lifestyle of SRG through professional mediums and hands-on application. Upon the completion of the internship, the Manager will be able to demonstrate strong skills in Business Communications, Brand Design, B2C Marketing and Business Management. Additionally, the intern will be considered for paid employment at the conclusion of the internship, dependent on the availability of positions at the time.


This is an unpaid internship and therefore focuses on the professional development of your skills and knowledge in brand strategy, design and management. At the conclusion of the three-month internship, the Manager may choose to apply for a paid position at SRG Management Firm as determined by the availability of employment opportunities.


Will be discussed at phone interview




Willingness to Lead as well as Follow

Time to Dedicate 10 -15 hours minimum per week

Knowledge of PR and current cultures associated with the position

How To Apply

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