Small Business Manager/Assistant Entrepreneur

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Whisking Apprentice
Posted: 654 days ago
Company Location: Fort Bragg, NC
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Whisking Apprentice is central North Carolina's culinary school for home cooks. The school teaches people of all ages the art of cooking healthy meals. Through private lessons, group classes, and cooking parties, culinary instructors inspire students to cook from scratch. Whisking Apprentice chefs are trained to work with time, money, and dietary constraints to provide feasible meal plans for any lifestyle.

The purpose of the internship is to assist in coordinating all facets of the business and explore new opportunities. As assistant manager, the intern develops relationships with contractors, students, and strategic partners to improve operations and generate income-producing activities. The intern seeks opportunities for media coverage, managing press releases and interviews.

Entrepreneurship is a major part of the intern's job. He/she briefs the owner on fresh ideas in regards to cooking classes, pricing structures, sponsorships, event and prize opportunities for Whisking Apprentice offered by other companies, and growth.

Preferably the intern lives near Pinehurst or Fayetteville, NC, to be able to represent the company in person at networking events. Alternatively, a long-distance intern provides support in as many aspects as is feasible. The intern chooses his/her own hours, working when it is most convenient yet still meeting deadlines and generating new ideas.

This internship offers many benefits. In addition to standing out in future job interviews with real-life experience, the intern receives performance feedback and one-on-one counseling with the owner. Whisking Apprentice also provides the intern with reports on revenue growth, quantifying the intern's impact. The position creates the opportunity for an individual to shine and be set apart from peers.


Maintaining CRM and staying connected with past students as well as prospective ones.

Finding new public kitchens to teach group classes; negotiating prices.

Coordinating class logistics (discovering ideal days, times, locations, target market).

Revamping pricing structure if necessary.

Finding and developing relationship with strategic partners.

Headhunting for cooking instructors to contract out classes.

Acquiring sponsorship for classes for those on food stamps.

Searching for business development opportunities for entrepreneurs, small-businesses, women-owned businesses, military-owned businesses, and start-ups.

Negotiating with Whisking Apprentice's jams manufacturer to drive down unit price.

Coordinating logistics with Harris Teeter and other stores to place jams on shelf.

Contacting various media outlets, including online and printed newspapers and magazines, for press coverage.

Developing student intake and instructor evaluation forms.

Attending networking events.

Creating, distributing, and collecting community surveys of cooking class topics, dates, and times.

Briefing owner each week on new ideas, progress with old ones, and weekly goals.


The intern must be creative, organized, professional yet personal, pro-active, and self-driven. In addition, public speaking, writing, and people skills are of utmost importance. This person represents the company and is expected to act appropriately at all times. The position is perfect for someone who thrives in an autonomous environment. The intern will not be micromanaged; rather, he/she is expected to own the job and take responsibility for the company.

No absolute coursework is required, but the intern must demonstrate the characteristics listed above. Courses in entrepreneurship, communication, business management, English, and/or public speaking greatly help. Experience in human resources and services industries are also highly considered, but not required.

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