Virtual Project Management Internship

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As a Project Management Intern, you will be given the opportunity to work with small businesses and nonprofit organizations. You will have the chance to lead a team of interns on a project from start to finish. Many tasks that will be assigned to you include: taking on administrative duties, conducting market research, and drafting a strategic plan. There will also be various of projects that you will be able to contribute with. Through this 5 months internship program, you will have the ability to build new relationships with people inside the internship program and outside of the program. There will also be many resources at your hands to assist you with your internship.


Contribute to integrated marketing communications campaigns for small businesses and nonprofit organizations
Demonstrate your leadership skills by leading a team of interns from project conception to delivery
Conduct market research, draft a strategic plan, and serve as an assistant liaison between the client and intern team
Perform administrative duties, such as: preparing project documentation, and scheduling client meetings


Internship runs for 5 months for 5-7 hours per week
Able to work in an online environment
Seeking experience in Project Management or Management
Self-starter and motivator

How To Apply

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