Virtual Team Project Manager

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Company Location: Encinitas, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Unpaid

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Role Description:

***You MUST Have A Proven Track Record And Be Able To Provide References***

This person will be responsible for helping execute online marketing programs.

They will be helping the CEO of the company in doing the strategy and integration with InfusionSoft.

Specifically they will work with copywriters, web designers, web programmers, vendors. They will also be responsible for the planning, management, coordination of a project.

This manager will ensure that the client's requirements are met, the project is completed on time and within budget and that everyone is doing their job properly and if not they will be hold everyone accountable.


I put part time because I'm not sure if it would start off requiring full time hours in the beginning, however once we have a comfortable work flow this IS a full time position with multiple projects to keep your eyes on.

Right now I see this person working for 3 hours daily, Monday to Friday 8:30am PST for maybe a week while they wrap their brains around everything.

They will be helping keep track of what the projects are, major deadlines, milestones, who is doing what, how each employee or vendor is graded (what does success look like for them), etc..

This will require daily attention and as I said, would start with part time hours and expand as soon as this person is able to work more independently and with a larger team.


Main Responsibilities:

organizing the various professional people working on a project
making sure that all the goals of the project are met
using asana, google docs or the like to keep track of people and progress
providing independent advice on the management of projects


Personal Skills:

organization skills
analytical skills
team working: comfortable working with a virtual team
management skills
can work Pacific time zones

Computer Expertise:

Google docs

Marketing background is an asset.. Track record of leading or managing teams and projects is also desirable.

How To Apply

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