Market Research Analyst

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Company Location: Camden, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Paid

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Key Roles & Responsibilities

· Developing plans for research projects initiated by the company

· Planning a research schedule according to variety of methods to be used, availability and quantity of resources

· Conducting research utilising internal research entities / external market research agencies

· Interpreting competitive, market and business analyses rigorously and articulating strategic insights:

· Establishing clear linkages between the key empirical findings and specific hypotheses

· Drawing strategic insights and articulating what implications these insights will have in the future

· Recommending possible courses of actions required to address a business problem / respond to opportunities identified through the research findings

· Planning and executing influential communications that meet sponsor/client objectives and motivate the target audience to adopt a new perspective or take action

· Ensuring that deliverable structure, storyline flow, and formatting are in accordance with the Accenture writing/presentation standards

· Liaising with key industry stakeholders, research organisations, and external market research organisations


- Lead with Analysis research on a key sector related research
- Sector analysis and writing reports;
- Work on special projects, as needed


- Able to articulate the key question for a research study
- Acts as the principal investigator for a project
- Ensures project work is on time and meets the required standard
- Working towards a Bachelor’s degree in economics or political science.
- Strong organizational and analytical skills with keen attention to detail and problem solving skills
- Able to liaise with people of all levels
- Knowledge of MS Office applications, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
- Experience/interest in Web maintenance
- Familiarity with Adobe In Design and Adobe Acrobat is a plus

How To Apply

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