Market Research of Undergraduate Math / Stat Students

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At K.F. Smith, we create innovative educational materials for math and statistics students. Completed and in-progress projects include interactive online graphics for calculus, hybrid textbooks (very short printed text supplemented by professionally-produced lecture videos online), educational graphic novels, smart online assessment systems, and more. K.F. Smith was founded by Dr. Alan Dabney, Associate Professor of Statistics at Texas A&M University.

The selected intern will work directly with Professor Dabney to carry out market research of undergraduate math and statistics students in the U.S. The goals of the internship are to (1) identify educational products or services that a large population of students would be interested in, and (2) draft a business plan around the identified products or services.

The intern will benefit by gaining experience in the educational publishing marketplace. Education is rapidly evolving away from classical models, creating exciting opportunities for innovation and creative solutions. Math and statistics education continues to grow as a national priority. Expertise in the emerging pedagogical innovations in this area would position the intern favorably for today's job market.


The selected intern will meet remotely (via e.g. Skype) with Prof. Dabney at least once a week to receive guidance and input. The intern will be expected to design and carry out surveys / interviews of math / statistics undergraduates, then work with Prof. Dabney to analyze and interpret the results. Once our research has informed a selection of promising products or services, the intern will work with Prof. Dabney to draft a business plan. The intern will be expected to devote 10-20 hours each week to this work.


The ideal intern will (1) have a strong math / statistics background, as evidenced by grades of B or higher in math classes through Calculus I and introductory statistics, (2) be entrepreneurial, creative, and motivated to pursue innovative educational solutions, (3) be detail oriented, (4) be willing and able to be productive while working independently and remotely, communicating with Prof. Dabney through remote collaboration technologies (e.g., Skype), (5) have some formal business training.

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