Research Assistant

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Educatius OPT
Company Location: Boston, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Unpaid

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The Host Company is based in New York, NY provides research and advisory services to create and strengthen philanthropy and cross-sector partnerships on behalf of national and international communities.
Their key areas of expertise are:
* Philanthropy
* Civic Engagement and Education
* Anchor Institutions and Strategic Partnerships
* Racial Equity and Diversity

General Information
Services include:
* Philanthropic Advising
* Strategic Planning, Development, and Implementation
* Partnership Development and Facilitation
* Foundation and Corporate Relations
* University Partnerships
* Case Statement Development
* Evaluation
* Case Studies, Interviews, and Focus Groups
* Survey Development, Data Collection and Analysis
* Field Scans
* Reports
* Solicited and Competitive Proposals
* Facilitation
* Speaking Engagements


The Host Company is seeking Research Assistants, those students who are very disciplined and able to work independently. An ability to summarize findings succinctly is important.
Preferred Degree: Management but Marketing will also be accepted

It is unpaid internship with stipend


Applicant must be an international student studying at a US college/university on an F1 visa-OPT status.

How To Apply

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