Small Business Marketing/Branding

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Yorba Linda Family Chiropractic is a fast growing small business with a unique marketing niche. The intern that will work in this office will have the opportunity to gain "real life" marketing and branding experience. Duties will include, but not limited to, overseeing current marketing campaigns, designing and evaluating your own marketing plan (fun for students), social media, demographic/ psychographic analysis, event planning, copy writing, short video and more. Our goal is NOT to hire slave labor but have a mutually beneficial relationship and give our interns a reason to WANT to come to work with us. At the end of this intership you will be able to create, design, analyze, and sell a marketing plan to any small business.


maintaining current lists of clients, input posts for social media, research/build new client lists, point of contact for referral partners, create media kits, edit and post video, liaison with other outside marketing professionals. Analyze campaigns for effectiveness.


Computer literacy (MS Office, Mac iWorks), basic knowledge of social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn YouTube, basic video editing, and ability to research (do you know what to google?). Most of all we are looking for a teachable (no it alls need not apply) person, with a great work ethic, dependable, who thrives on adventure and really wants to learn.

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