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Humaginarium LLC is building a virtual world of the human body. We aim to increase patient engagement in their clinical treatments and empower everybody to prevent disease and trauma from happening in the first place. We’re committed to making our customers more comfortable in their own skins, and we need your help.

Humaginarium LLC is a brand new, for-profit, tech startup incubating at the University of Chicago. You can read about us at Our interns live and work anywhere. They are not required to be onsite. They work on schedules of their own choosing, at their own pace.

The objective of this internship is market research. Your job will be to find and review business information that is freely available online, paying special attention to trends and actors in the videogame, virtual reality, healthcare, life science, and education industries. Your mission is to identify potential "benchmarks" and "competitors" of our company.

We provide orientation, coaching, and guidance for designing your research; but you’re free to use your own imagination and skills to complete your assignment in ways that are personally satisfying. Creativity is most welcome!

You'll use Google Search to find relevant business information. You'll write notes in Google Docs and Google Sheets - all in the Cloud. No desktop applications such as Microsoft Office are needed and nothing ever gets printed. You'll save notes on a private Google Drive that is dedicated to Humaginarium. During orientation you'll receive a unique Humaginarium ID and we'll train you to use the Drive.

You'll report to a member of Humaginarium’s executive leadership team. After brief orientation and training, you'll be invited to Google Hangouts (video calls) once or twice a week to talk about your assignment, ask questions, and receive feedback.

The internship lasts 2-3 months. Successful completion earns a small financial honorarium and yields a few intangible benefits:

You'll learn more about cutting edge industries and technologies, applied science, innovation, branding, and marketing. That’s the focus of your internship.

You'll gain and practice job skills in market research and competitive analysis. These abilities are needed in many startups and established companies.

Work experience
You'll build your resume with a non technical role in a tech startup. Proving you can think on your feet and write effective business communication.

You'll meet entrepreneurs in our company and community. Making new connections that power a future job search.

You'll request and receive personal letters of recommendation from our company’s top executives.


In Google Hangouts (video chats) we will first orient you to the assignment (identifying business benchmarks and competitors). This will take two hours, spread over four half-hour sessions..

Then you and your sponsor at Humaginarium will draft a project work plan that can be edited online as activities occur and milestones are completed.

In general, your activities are to find and document every significant benchmark or competitor of Humaginarium.

A benchmark is a noncompetitive company whose products are similar to ours on some level. We want to know which ones are excellent, so we can learn from their examples and improve our own organization and brand.

A competitor is a company that caters to similar customers with similar needs; and does it so well that we want to avoid going head to head with them in the marketplace. Study of competitor profiles helps our company be more successful.

You’ll document benchmarks and competitors on our private Google Drive. There is no requirement licensed software or for printing.


You must have a desktop or laptop computer connected to the Internet. Your computer can be Windows or Mac. The Chrome web browser is required.

Preference is given to applicants with a high school diploma and at least some college. Interest in healthcare, science, and technology is a big plus. Serious gamers are most welcome to apply.

Market research involves reading and writing. So you must be able to read commercial (non technical and non scientific) web pages, pick up insights that relate to your assignment, and express those insights in clear, well-organized text.

Now here’s what you don’t need: previous experience in market research, specific coursework, business training, or certificates. None of those is needed.

Common sense, curiosity, cleverness, and alacrity will make you successful.


Required - English, Google Apps
Preferred - Healthcare, Business Analysis, Medicine, Biology, Video Game Design, Online Education, Pathophysiology

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