15$ Per Hour Marketing (non-office) Internship Calling Your Name!

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Marketing associate interns needed $15 per hr / 30 hrs. per week or more if wanted. Plus bonuses.
Must be organized and have or get a smart phone with data. Part Time is OK, we will work with your schedule.

No experience necessary. Not a boring office job! Mostly outdoors.
Call (614) 779-3063 to listen to recording 24 hrs to find out if this is right for you!


Responsibilities will include riding a bike (or however you would like to do it) to travel around neighborhoods and post a small flyer on mailboxes of homes that have a visible issue with their roof. You will also tap your smartphone to record the address of where you posted the flyer so we can mail to them. This is simple and strait forward work.
You will be paid weekly.

You do not need to come into an office each day, when you start dropping pins, you essentially "clock in" and when you stop, you "clock out" - It is that simple and you can get as many hours as you would like as your schedule permits!

There is a very great opportunity to move into a very well paid, full time position at a different level in the company if you enjoy this work.


At least a 2.8 GPA
A smartphone with data (or can get it)
Your own transportation and possibly a bike
You must be organized
Good work ethic

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