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HPT Media IS LOOKING FOR THE JACK OF ALL FIELDS IN MARKETING - PR, Branding, Advertising, Publications

The HPT Media internship serves two purposes
• We provide the opportunity to gain real world experience in PR, Marketing and Advertising for the working college student.
• We teach you the basic marketing principles in advertising, media relations, public relations, social media, and branding.

This is a learning internship where you will be expected to absorb the norms and standards, values and philosophies from each marketing project you are assigned. You chose this internship because marketing is in your blood. You love to write, create, transform, condition, connect and build people; and small businesses. Your areas of expertise lie in one or more of the following:
• Marketing
• Editorial publications
• Graphic design
• Website development
• Journalism
• Media relations (or)
• Public relations

Throughout the duration of your internship you will be challenged to acquire 20 clients and sign them at the yearly contract level. You will experience work in the following:
• Social Media Campaigns
• PR (Booking Appearances)
• Website Development
• Brand Reports
• Magazine Ad Sales
• Marketing Sales
• Publication Editing
• Billboard Sales
• Video Marketing
• Email Marketing (and)
• Logo Design

At the end of your internships the scope of your work will be evaluated based on quality and quantity.
• How well was your work performed?
• How many clients did you sign into the company?


1. We expect you to put your best effort forward at all times.
2. For each assignment you will be expected to complete your learning journal. We will use this to determine the quality and quantity of your work performed at the end of three months. This will also measure your strengths and weaknesses and help management determine the best department for you to operate in.
3. Adhere to your work schedule and business meeting schedule.
4. Reporting to work late | no call – no show will not be tolerated.
5. Dress professionally at all times. No casual Fridays EVER!
6. ASK QUESTIONS! Don’t ever take it upon yourself to make an “executive decision” regarding any client. You are an intern. LEARN!
7. Respect the NON-Disclosure. You will have access to sensitive information with the company and with clients. Any information that is leaked or compromised will be traced back to the source. That source will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Finally, you are working in the real world, with real people in the industry of marketing and promotions. This is your time to shine as loud as you can. The HPT Media internship is a place where you have full reign to do you to the fullest.
We are real people with an unlimited creative capacity. Come in take your place and let the world know who you are!


You must be able to commit to working no more than 20 hours per week.
Must have personal computer and have reliable transportation to get around the greater Houston metro area.
You must be willing to work for 10% commission.
Must be a major in one or all of the following:

Public Relations

How To Apply

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