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E.M. Unlimited
Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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E. M. Unlimited is a boutique marketing and consulting agency that was created as a means to bridge the gap between American small businesses and entertainment powerhouses located in Hollywood and New York. It since has evolved to include the marketing and execution of events, music and movie promotions, and brand management.

We continually have product placement opportunities for brand to place in music videos and films.

We also have talent available for live shows around the world

For these things, we are currently building a list of clients that we can contact for potential partnerships for product placement and live shows.

We have acts in Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, and pop.

Your duties will include:

Posting/Friending/Following tastemakers , companies and trendsetters on Twitter.

Finding and contacting concert buyers to put on our email list for live shows.

Finding and contacting brands for product placement for music videos and films.


This internship is done only 2 days a week.

Make 3-4 Tweets a day.
Follow 10 people

Contact 2-3 organizations/concert promoters to add to our list.

Contact 1-2 corporate partners (ie, P&G, Samsung, Apple)

Add the contact name/organization/contact info to 2 separate spreadsheets for
concert buyers and corporate partners.

Add their emails to our email database through
Follow/Friend them on Twitter/FB.


Internet connection
Cell phone w/ long distance capabilities

Must be very conversational on the phone as you are representing our brand to potential partners.
Strong Social Media knowledge (Twitter)
Organizational skills (knowledge of MS Excel helps)
Strong written skills
Driven, self starter

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