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Last year during National Small Business week, as the head of NLS Venture Capital, I announced an ambitious campaign to spur the creation of a million small businesses nationwide. The campaign took place with three phases (AWARENESS, TRAINING, CONSULTING) in repeating iterations with, as a centerpiece, our 1st Annual Million Dollar Idea Competition with over a million dollars in grants and funding opportunities to participants. While we haven’t yet reached our goal of a million new business, we are now incubating several promising enterprise, a few of which could change the world. As a follow-up, this year we are seeking individuals to join our team. Instead of pouring over résumés that may or may not tell us what we need to see, we are looking for the quintessential quality of drive. Drive is something you either have or don’t. Do you have it? Don’t try to convince us, show us. Sell three thousand books on the economy and the mission to build opportunity. If you do, you will make $15,000 cash. More than that, you will have proved that you have the drive to get results. That is the kind of person we are looking for. That is someone we would place with one of our portfolio companies or more than that. Is it you? Call today (202) 625-4343


- Coordinate online marketing and advertising campaigns
- Collaborate with senior staff


- Provide links to 1-3 social networking profiles to demonstrate interest and knowledge
- Possess skills in writing, presentation, interpersonal relations, and customer management

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