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Black & College Bound, a nonprofit agency that conducts college and career readiness programs, is currently seeking a BCB Marketing Speciaist Intern to help support a nationally-expanding nonprofit organization making college admission and success possible for urban students through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support. We currently provide services in NYC, Atlanta, Minnesota, NC, DMV area & KC. We provide students and parents with (1) ACT/SAT test preparation; (2) guidance in the college admissions/planning process; (3) assistance with resumes, business cards, and networking tools; (4) mentoring for successful transitions to and through college and (5) basic life and social skills. Currently, we work with neighborhood, community, school, and church programs to provide seminars that equip students and families with the insight, exposure, and coaching needed to support them along this process. For the 2014 summer, we are hosting several one week teen summer camp sessions in KC, Atlanta, and NYC.

Job Summary
We are seeking a dynamic, high-energy, efficient college intern to join our growing organization as part of our program leadership team. The BCB Marketing Speciaist Intern is asked to help coordinate Black & College Bound programs with our CEO, and partners in NYC, Atlanta, Minnesota, NC, DMV area & KC. Must be a self-starter who is savvy with technology, networking, and youth programming.
This position will lead outreach and event planning while securing speaking engagements with national conferences inclusive of responsibilities for developing marketing materials to meet the various needs of our community partners in various cities.
To apply email resume and cover letter with (BCB Marketing Speciaist Intern as subject) to angela.blackandcollegebound@gmail.com or call (678) 30 I'M BCB
Cover letter must articulate why working with this organization is a fit for you and what you expect to contribute to the organization and young people engaged in their post high school planning process.
List all pertinent computer skills, talents, and abilities that can contribute to our efforts.
Describe how you can use your network and skills to help us reach many other teens and parents to attend our workshops.


II. Specific Responsibilities
A. Design & Conduct Workshops & Materials on what it takes to get to and through college successfully; recruit professionals and college students as speakers to address planning, best practices, and support systems.
B. Design Marketing & Workshop Materials.
C. Conduct Online Searches and foster connections to identify national organizations, conferences, speakers, and initiatives with similar programmatic interests and priorities.
D. Disseminate press releases and followup correspondence/assessments to clients and guest presenters.
E. Supervise, Train and Support Staff & Volunteers: Coordinating the work activities of summer teen interns to support the planning and execution of teen training seminars - including event planning, marketing, preparation of materials, logistics, supplies, registrations, and volunteer coordination duties.
F. Represent the organization at various special events and community meetings. Identify partners who
also serve youth or provide supportive resources that strengthen our programs.
G. Convene & Facilitate Meetings with local and national Panhellenic groups, churches, civic, and youth serving organizations to access youth populations and encourage participation in B&CB activities such as college visits, practice ACT exams, summer enrichment opportunities, and events.
H. Evaluate, Track and Report on Progress: Assist in the tracking, evaluation and reporting of program outcomes, including the maintenance of member files and web updates.
I. Recruit Program Participants and Staff: Work with program team to recruit, engage, and register students and parents. This may include social media blasts, calling, e-mailing, posting announcements, holding information sessions, and answering applicant questions.


The BCB Marketing Speciaist Intern will assist and support the organization’s Executive Director in carrying out program development, communications, organizational tasks, and programmatic support functions. The BCB Marketing Speciaist Intern is asked to help develop marketing packages to support BCB projects. Must be a self-starter who is savvy with technology, networking, and youth programming. Responsible for following up on numerous details while creating forms, documents, correspondence, and workshop materials. Must have great attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

In the course of this work, the BCB Marketing Speciaist Intern will receive mentoring in methods for improving organizational effectiveness, leadership, public service, while contributing to a dynamic nonprofit organization, while providing administrative support to the chief executive. We are seeking a dynamic, high-energy, efficient individual to join our growing organization as part of our program leadership team.
**Seeking individuals who can help us connect with teens and families engaged in the college/career exploration process and partner organizations that support our endeavors.

Required Qualifications:
Administrative: Serve as a coordinator for the development of marketing and organizational planning needs or correspondence.

Technological: MUST POSSESS SUPERIOR COMPUTER SKILLS used daily to prepare workshop materials, create forms, press releases, and presentations. Should also be familiar with spreadsheets & social media (Twitter, FaceBook, & blogs). ( Special consideration for MAC users with knowledge of Pages, Graphics, IPhoto & IMovie, Google Docs, or equivalent programs used for web updates of videos and student profiles - desired, not required) *May request samples of fliers, newsletter, or presentations.

Maturity: Must model youth leadership at all times, while teaching other youth to do so. Seeking self- starters with the ability to take initiative and self-manage projects through completion with minimal supervision. Servant leader with strong desire to empower others & deliver excellence at all times.

Communication: Able to present information to large groups using strong verbal and written communication skills. Professional presence and grammar when interacting with seminar attendees, funders, and when representing organization at community meetings with executives.

• Experience working with urban youth of all ages & strong desire to empower/mentor students.
• Experience implementing youth activities and supervising youth in groups of 8 to 20.
• Excellent communication, organization, and time management skills. Must be flexible, creative and articulate.
• High energy, enthusiastic, strong commitment to public service and social justice.
• Desire to work in a growing nonprofit organization, ability to adapt, creativity, and commitment to excellence highly valued.

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