Badass Digital Marketing Intern

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Posted: 637 days ago
Company Location: Denver, CO
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Full-time, Unpaid

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Ask yourself the following questions before applying...

1. Do you value real world experience more than classroom learning?
2. Do you value getting the job done over playing office politics?
3. Are you thickskinned enough to be told how you can improve and where you aren't meeting the mark?
4. Are you willing to learn quickly to catch up on information you likely not being taught in a classroom?
5. Are you willing to put in the time (this could mean sacrificing precious time with friends, family and dreams)?
6. Are you testing the waters or do you want your internship to really demonstrate you can add value to the world?
7. Can you work alone to get the job done or do you need co-workers to "brainstorm" and "collaborate with?
8. Are you okay with taking responsibility for your results or will you blame the situation?
9. At the end of the day do you take pride in your work or is it a means to an end?

If you feel like you're the kind of dedicated, no holds barred, whatever it takes, head down, take no prisoners kind of person we're looking for (or you desperately want to be that but college hasn't taught you how) then you should definitely apply.

If you that doesn't sound at all appealing to you I'm sure there are plenty of wonderful places you can camp out for the summer and push some paperclips.


This is the fun stuff...

Your internship will be focused on digital marketing. So basically you'll do everything in the world of digital marketing including the following:

1. Paid Discovery
2. Display Advertising
3. Email Marketing
4. Content Marketing
6. Social Media Marketing
7. Public Relations
8. Community Relations
9. Referral Marketing
10. And anything else we can invent while you're working with us


The only requirements for this internship are that you're sharp (we don't suffer ignorance well), driven (you have to WANT it to make it in life), a quick learner (you won't likely know most of the things we're going to expect you to do and master).

Other than that...doesn't really matter what your major is, what you experience is, who your parents are, what you look like, what school you attend, blah blah blah.

How To Apply

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