Brand Ambassador

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Company Location: Philadelphia, PA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 24 Part-time, Paid

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Company Description: HootBoard - Is a Philadelphia based startup that allows people to connect with their communities through online bulletin boards. HootBoard's mission is to decrease the 2,103,878 flyers that are wasted yearly by a university.

Job Description: The Brand Ambassador will act as a liaison in various regions implementing guerrilla marketing strategies to gauge users. The Brand Ambassador will promote within their university's to become flyer less campuses. The Brand Ambassador will be rewarded in terms of the number of flyers posted onto HootBoard. Review Job Link to see rewards and apply for job.

Job Link:


- Developing and implementing university specific marketing campaigns
- Engaging users in Universities though direct contact, email campaigns, and various other tools
- Rewards will be granted in terms of number of flyer's posted on website


- Self-Motivated, Ability to work independently
- Organizational and time-management skills
- Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel
- Working Computer
- In communication with student and community leaders in Universities

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