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We seek outstanding undergraduate and graduate students as interns for the school year and for the summer to work collaborate on the Cause Marketing program of the boldest nonprofit initiative we know.

We are looking for entrepreneurial, creative, passionate, and energetic students with exceptional skills to take initiative on a range of cause marketing projects. This is an outstanding leadership opportunity in an innovative, emerging nonprofit.

Here is the problem we are tackling: K-12 schools in this country do not have enough resources for children to explore their potential and excel. Books, computers, art supplies, musical instruments, science equipment, sports equipment, and even paper for computers and printers are all in desperately short supply.

Our Approach:, an exciting nonprofit, uses modern business practices and the latest marketing techniques to help generate funding to provide needed resources to 56 million kids at 125,000 schools. Teachers visit the site to create Wish Lists of the resources they need. People in the community can see exactly what is needed and contribute to help. Our Cause Marketing campaigns generate funding and awareness.

About Us: The people behind include such prominent education and business leaders as Adam Hirsch, former COO, Mashable; Scott Cutler, EVP, New York Stock Exchange; Betsy Morgan, former CEO, Huffington Post; Nancy Pelz-Paget, Director, Education and Society Program, Aspen Institute; Sharon Robinson, CEO, American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education.

Cause Marketing: Teachers and students are already getting supplies from Now, we need to raise greater awareness and funding so we can encourage more participation and help more kids. A key element of that is our Cause Marketing work.

Requirements may be the ideal vehicle for creating compelling cause marketing opportunities:
• Children and education are among the most popular causes.
• Our impact is visible, tangible, and immediate.
• Most parents’ favorite cause is their own children. ClassWish serves not just some low-income children somewhere, but consumers’ very own schools and children.
• We address the needs of more children than any other nonprofit. For instance, Girl Scouts of America has 2.3 million youth members; ClassWish serves 56 million children.
• Our subject verticals (books, music, art, computers, science, sport, and special education) specifically coincide with the business or brand of many companies.
• The tight-knit nature of schools facilitates the viral spread of messages. If a company reaches the principal or PTA leader with a message that is relevant to the school community (such as a chance to win a prize for the school), they will spread it to all the teachers and parents.
• No other nonprofit allows people to donate to support sports, music, art, or any other needs at every K-12 school in the country.

We are a small organization, so we seek outstanding students who can take a leadership role. They will work in small teams and with our co-founder and other professionals to conceive, research, plan, and prepare cause marketing campaigns, which we will present to a wide range of companies. We cover a broad spectrum of industries, including retail, fashion, financial, technical, advertising, electronics, publishing, music, sports, and others.

The Environment: This is, frankly, a great place to work. We get great interns from all over the country and all over the world, so the atmosphere is energetic, creative, and fun. It’s also casual; we’re interested in your brains, creativity and heart. Want to work in jeans, a t-shirt and flip-flops? Why not! You will see at the link below that former interns offer a great review of

What do we offer? You will enhance your resume with a solid record of professional achievement and community service, work with great people, and have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped children get the tools they need to perform at their best.

Please see presentations about this and all our internship opportunties at

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If you want a great experience doing something you will always be proud of, send a short cover letter and a resume to Impress us. This is competitive.

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