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Our College Ambassadors are tasked with promoting and managing the operations of Zyple with their attending university and surrounding areas. This program allows you to become a Zyple Community Leader. You can develop a team and become a true Business Executive. This tremendous opportunity allows you to build out, and create a trend that is expanding nationwide throughout every university in America. This is the ultimate student project!!!

All our College Ambassadors are named and famed in the "College Ambassador” section located on the team page. As an Ambassador, you will become a business guru, shaping and building a fantastic resume for your future!! This amazing opportunity can help springboard your career and help you attain the needed skill set in today’s challenging economic environment. We will be sure to provide positive letters of recommendations to any of your future prospective employers. Join the Zyple Team!!!

• Attempt to liaise and affiliate yourself with your University, Student Body, and all related Student Unions

• Engage in local Online Marketing through Facebook, and student email

• Pin up posters and flyers around highly trafficked campus areas (expenses paid for)

• Help raise awareness for Zyple through local radio stations and various school publications

• Create a team and devise a solid plan

• Be friendly, environmentally responsible and safe.

• Be Creative!!

• The ambassador will make a commission of every revenue, generates from students within the schools they represent (your commissions will be calculated using all transactions processed through your individual school).
• We will act as your references for any future opportunities you seek from other competitors, like eBay and Amazon.
• We will give you an opportunity to become a full time paid employee with a salary + benefits, once key milestones are met as determined by the board.
• We also give out monthly gift cards, Vacation trips, electronics and Computers to top performing ambassadors.
• You can include our Company in your resume or on your LinkedIn profile as ‘Brand Managers’.

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