Community Management and Marketing Intern

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Did you know? Small businesses comprise the vast majority of all companies and generate over half of all jobs not only in the US but in most countries across the globe. However, the number one reason why small businesses fail is because they lack the right tools to reduce their customer delinquency rates, thus falling short of the necessary funds to grow their business. Funding Gates is changing this by automating the screening, monitoring and collection processes for small businesses. Our technology enables them to comfortably extend credit to their customers and get paid in the easiest, quickest and most effective way.
A crucial part of our mission is to educate small businesses about the receivables and credit industry. We believe that small businesses are one of the most important sectors of our economy, and our goal is to assist them to operate at the highest level of efficiency. In order to extend our mission, we are looking for an intern to help with our Community Management and Marketing plans.


- Contribution to the SEO strategy
- Link Building
- Online Community Involvement
- Relationship Building
- Event Planning
- Social Media Contribution (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn)


- Recent College Grad or Rising Senior
- No degree specification, however an interest to pursue a career in marketing, SEO or community management highly preferred
- Specific interest in the startup community
- Demonstrated (with reference provided) of past of roles in which results were delivered (other internships, work-study or jobs)
- Strong academic achievements
While the above qualifications are all important, we are choosing “attitude” over “aptitude”. The ideal candidate needs to be hungry, and have an un-quenching thirst for knowledge on how things work. This requires a willingness to figure things out on your own, think outside the box, try out new ways of doing things, and not be afraid of making mistakes as long as you learn from them. The candidate needs to have good quantitative skills because everything we do is measured with data.
We are looking for someone that wants to get their hands dirty and be part of a fully funded highly successful start-up in NYC. You should see this as an opportunity to grow your professional and personal skills – you will get exposure into all aspects of running a company: you will understand how and why certain strategic decisions are made, how the sales & marketing process is structured and how customers are acquired, how our software works, and learn the intricacies of raising funds from investors in the tech industry. You should view this opportunity as an amazing launch pad for your personal and professional life. If you do a great job with us, we are happy to provide recommendations and help you out in your next career move as well. We hope to provide you with the best opportunity of your life and make this an unforgettable experience for you While this internship is unpaid, we are covering out-of-pocket expenses such as lunch.
The hours are flexible but we estimate a commitment of 12-16 hours per week. College credit is not available. The start date and end date of the internship are TBA, depending on your schedule and goals. We are looking for someone to begin as soon as possible. The position is based in NYC.

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