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Who are you writing the reviews for? Concertour, LLC and its affiliates, your reviews will help our guests/friends “Experience the Concert!”

Writing concert reviews from eclectic to mainstream blues, funk, hip hop, jazz, randb, rap, reggae, soul and spoken words artist from around the U.S: Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New Orleans, New York, Norcal (Sac, San Fran, Oak, San Jose), Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland, Spokane), Phoenix, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Washington D.C!

Your concert reviews will be seen by millions. And is, a great way to build an audience. If you live in one of these cities, please submit your Concertologist Application, today!

What do you want to tell us?

You can write about any aspect of the concert: the musicians, the pieces played, the sound, the atmosphere, how it all made you feel.

The most important thing is that your writing should be lively, vivid and interesting: you want to give your readers a taste of what it was like to be there.

Choose the things that excited you most: they’re sure to be the easiest ones for you to get across to our guests/friends.

There are some things that you’ll definitely want to mention: set length, set-list, venue, date, price, time, opening acts, band name, each individual artist. You’ll particularly want to mention any new works that are being heard for the first time.

Before the concert

Have a look at the concert program in advance. Do you know these pieces well already, or is there anything that might benefit from a little homework? For instance, if a piece tells a story, or has words, it might be worth reading these beforehand. That way, when you’re in the concert hall, you can concentrate on the music and get the most out of it.

During the concert

Listen to the concert with as much concentration as you can. Some reviewers make notes, but it can be hard to do this without distracting other concertgoers or the performers, which you simply mustn’t do. Others simply rely on their memories, and you may find this easier.

If it’s a work you know, listen out for anything unusual: is the performance faster or slower than you expect, or louder or softer. If it’s different from what you’re used to, do you like it this way?

Try to remember anything that sounds particularly beautiful, or exciting, or any moments that feel special – a particularly grand climax, say, a special magical hush, or the way an artist lingers over a tune.

Try and get a sense of how the rest of the audience is responding, too. Is there a real sense of excitement – or is everyone bored stiff?

After the concert Think over your reactions. Was the concert a success? Did you feel you’d enjoyed or been moved by the performances? Which bits stick in your memory as particularly special? Did one performance in the concert stand out from the others? Or was one a disappointment? Try and put your finger

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