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Job Description:

We are seeking candidates who love creating content and using their creativity to provide customers and clients with useful information and tools. We’re seeking a candidate, a strong content developer, to join our marketing team primariliy to develop content suck as ebooks, kits, webinars, etc. from the foundations to help evolve visitors to leads, and finally into customers.
Upon successful completion of your internship, we will provide a job recommendation letter directly from our CEO and a recommendation letter from your immediate supervisor. We will serve as a reference for future opportunities. Interns will also be given special consideration when applying for open positions in the company that they qualify for.


Responsibilities Include:

Writing and editing instructional content such as ebooks, templates, whitepapers, etc.
Overseeing and working with our writing team to produce and design instructional content
Working with graphic design interns to develop graphic content for websites and/or print
Planning and writing content for webinars/seminars.
Creating and optimizing landing pages through A/B testing (intern will be taught how to do this quickly and easily using Hubspot marketing automation software).
Understanding and creating content that aligns with our buyer personas' interests and needs.
Developing new types of content and offers to address problems or gaps in our content strategy.


The ideal candidate will have:

Marketing and content creation experience.
Abilities in writing both brief and in-depth content.
A strong understanding of the inbound marketing industry's ins and outs.
Content samples that demonstrate writing skills.
Excellent independent and team collaboration skills.
Some basic design skills using tools like PowerPoint, Photoshop, and InDesign is a plus.

How To Apply

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