Copywriter Internship

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As businesses continue to use the Internet to market their products and services, they must keep pace with ever-changing technologies and strategies. This program teaches the Internet marketing techniques that businesses use to improve the efficiency of their virtual advertising. Students will learn how to build and market brands with specific examples of what works and doesn't work in Web marketing. After learning the basics, students will move on to how the marketing process works in planning, executing, pricing, promotion, distribution, and maintaining long-term relationships with customers. The Resort has fifteen (15) real world Internet properties to choose from.


-Choose an existing Internet property at the resort to work on
-Public Relations
-TV Script Writing
-Internet Promotion and Marketing
-Desktop publishing Design and Production
-Search engine optimization
-Social Media Management
-Community Calendar interaction
-Create and implement banner ad programs
-Create a presentation to present to business


-Strong communication skills, written and verbal
-Ability to work in individual and group situations
-Communicate effectively with all staff members

How To Apply

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